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Superior Antioxidants from Flower Pollen Extract

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Superior Antioxidants from Flower Pollen Extract

Help reduce fine wrinkles and pimples

Help with anti-aging

Help rejuvenate aging skin cells

Help maintain the skins delicate water balance

Healthy Skin Tea offers the water soluble nutrients of Flower Pollen Extract. Our blend of Flower Pollen Extract ST6 provides each of the common amino acids along with all 10 essential amino acids. ST6 also provides high levels of antioxidant nutrients as shown by it ORAC level and is non-allergenic. Flower Pollen Extract increases a person’s physical and psychological performance, activates the body defense mechanisms and has a tonic effect. The extract stimulates the whole body, adapting it to surrounding circumstances. Body and psyche are thus enabled to react optimally and cope with the situation confronting them. At the same time, there is good evidence that Flower Pollen Extract also possesses therapeutic actions.

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