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Start your own private label tea business today!

Learn more about the benefits of our Private Label Services:

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Fancy Yourself a Tea Gourmand?

Haven’t you heard? Starting your own tea business has never been easier! Not to mention tea sales are exploding across the world because people are discovering the many health benefits!

Our Private Label Services can provide for all of your needs including the ability to create custom blended teas.

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Our 7 Top Teas

Check out our web site dedicated to our six most popular teas Detox, Energy, Sleep, Menopause, Hair & Skin Care teas!


Empty Tea Bags

As many as you need, as round or as square as you’d like… and of course, we carry a variety of sizes.

assortment of dry tea in ceramic bowls on wooden background.

1 oz. Sample Teas

A cost effective way of exploring different teas, each 1 oz. loose leaf sample makes about 10 cups of gourmet tea.

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Expanding Your Options

Various packaging designs

Choose from tea boxes, resealable stand-up pouches, or single serve cup boxes.


Choose from
either loose leaf or tea bags.

Fast turnaround

Tea orders can be completed within 48 hrs, always a fast turnaround with our shipments.

Extremely Low Minimum Orders Quantities

Our low minimum order requirement is intended to help you launch multiple private label products within your budget.

Most companies require high minimum orders making it challenging to get your new start-up business off the ground.

All aspects of your private label tea business from the design stages to printing, package, quality control and shipping from start to finish are handled from our Orlando, Florida offices.

We recommend starting with a smaller number of units of multiple products. This will help you ‘cast a broader net’ to gauge what products become your best sellers without getting stuck with inventory you are not able to sell.

Lower investment with your inventory will all you to direct your funds into the marketing and promotion of your new tea brand. Our goal is helping you get it right so that your business grows steadily over time instead of creating a one-off order and never hearing from you again.

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Taste The Difference

You’ll taste the difference and so will your customers. Contact us now to get started!

Sherene from Nashville
Dona from Santa Rosa
Emilio from Milano
Patricia from Manchester
Alice from Providence Forge
Round Empty Tea Bags with Draw String Closure (250 count)
Robert from Boston
Andrew from Milwaukee
500 pcs Jumbo Empty Tea / Herb Bags 4 x 3 (100 x 80mm)
Brad from Austin
Veronica from Yamhill
Jody from Dublin
nonye from austin
Cynthia from Villa Grove
Lindsay from Seattle
bjorn from Kortrijk
Misty from Fort Worth
Christine from Descanso
Dan from Indianapolis
500 Empty String Teabags or Herbs Heat Seal Loose  2.5" x 2.25"
Cynette from Dover
Morgan from Minneapolis
Maria from Denver
1000 pcs Jumbo Empty Tea / Herb Bags 4 x 4.75 (100 x 120mm)
Linda from Bastrop
Micah from Reno
Laurie from Campbell
Asia from CICERO
Ramon from Glen Cove
Ramon from Glen Cove
Marie from Phoenix
Kathleen from Lawrenceburg
Kareema from elmont
Kelly from Bonney Lake
Connor from de pere
Tandre from Akron
Larry from Wainwright
Deborah from Cincinnati
Chuck from Phoenix
Susan from College Place
Jerrica from Alexandria
Luvenia from Marietta
Empty Woven Style Draw String Tea Bags 2.75" x 3.5" (1000 pack)
Anisha from Scarborough
Mychon from Houston
stacy from Atlanta
CYNTHIA from Toms River
Fred from Erie
Erica from Atkins
Cynthia from Villa Grove
Miriam from Asheboro
Viola from Lithonia
Oleg from West Palm Beach
Marylyn from Tampa
Helen from Clearwater
ken from Ponte Vedra Beach
Barry from Phoenix
Charles from Atlanta
Alice from Providence Forge
500 pcs Blank Self Sealing Tea Bag Outer Envelopes 2.87 x 3.3
Terry from Ripon
Jonathan from Memphis
Empty Woven Style Draw String Tea Bags 2.75" x 3.5" (1000 pack)
Anisha from Scarborough
Erica from Danville
Christina from Lincoln
Empty Woven Style Draw String Tea Bags 2.75" x 3.5" (100 pack)
Dawn from Henry
Andrea from Yreka
Katrina from Arlington
Joseph from Gainesville
5000 Empty String Teabags Heat Seal Loose  2.5" x 2.25"
Marlene from Miami
Aseye from Denton
Takima from Houston
Talisha from Houston
Empty Woven Style Draw String Tea Bags 2.75" x 3.5" (100 pack)
Maria from tahlequah
khafilat from katy
Carolina from Plainwell
Niya from Bronx
Ava Juice from Saint Petersburg
500 pcs Jumbo Empty Tea / Herb Bags 4 x 3 (100 x 80mm)
Anita from Dayton
Mike from Pittsburgh
David from Santa Monica
Jen from AMHERST
Deana from Phoenix
Lori from phoenix
Jeff from Las Vegas
Christine from Descanso
Viola from Lithonia
Lakesha from Philadelphia
Empty Woven Style Draw String Tea Bags 2.75" x 3.5" (2500 pack)
Esther from Casselberry
Empty Woven Style Draw String Tea Bags 4.72" x 6.29" (100 pack)
Steven from Hendersonville
Empty Woven Style Draw String Tea Bags 3.14" x 3.93" (50 pack)
Susan from Batlow
Maria from Denver
Karen from Cedarburg
Ramon from Glen Cove
Cynthia from Villa Grove
Patricia from oklahoma city
Gordon from Dexter
Tandre from Akron
Andrea from Yreka
Lorie from Stevens Point
Paulina from London
50 pcs Jumbo Empty Tea / Herb Bags 4 x 4.75 (100 x 120mm)
Steven from Hendersonville
Lindsey from Lake Balboa
Alice from Providence Forge