Empty Woven Style Draw String Tea Bags 2.75″ x 3.5″ (500 pack)


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Woven Style Draw String Tea Bags – Superb highest quality large woven draw string tea bags!

Approx. Size 2.75” x 3.5” (7cm x 9cm)

. European standard.
. Seal it off by string. Does not need a hot iron to seal.
. No pollution to our environment, non-toxic and safe to our body.
. High strength, good toughness and heat resistance.
. Used for filling a mixture of tea or dry herb or plants.
. Suitable for holding tea, coffee, spice and herbal powder.
. Conveniently to bring it for travel.

Applications include:

. Herbal medicine.
. Medicinal powder.
. Make milky tea.
. Make tea in big teapot, or big pot of soup.

How to cook soup: Put a variety of spices or herbs into the bag, tightly close the bag, and then put it into a pot to cook stew.

As the small bag boil proof and the material is thin, effectively maintaining the original flavor to make the delicious broth.

These teabags are manufactured to the highest quality. You do not need to heat them to seal, just pull the string and tie a small knot.

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