Round Empty Tea Bags with Draw String Closure (150 count)


2.25 x 2.5 (60 x 63 mm)

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Fill your own Tea Bags. Tea Cup Size Bags. These classic round draw string empty tea bags are indispensable for all your custom tea blends. A fun and economical way to share any tea formulas you create. These bags are used for filling with 2 to 3.5 grms mixture of tea or dry herb or plants.

Approx. Size: 2.25 x 2.5 (60 x 63 mm)

How to fill a Tea Bag:

1) Fill about half full with tea or herbs
2) To seal, press with a household iron on cotton setting or use a curling iron.
3) Enjoy a fresh cup of tea!

About the tea paper:

Our tea filter paper is the same tea paper that is used by the largest tea companies in the United States. In fact there are really only a small number of major suppliers of tea filter paper in the world. The tea paper is made of a special blend of wood (pulp) fibers. This tissue has a high wet strength with neutral odor and flavor characteristics making it a highly acceptable media for bagging tea. The tea paper is compost-able and biodegradable.

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