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Detox Supreme Sleep Tea

Our herbal tea for better sleep is soothing, caffeine-free, and blended as a sleep aid to help assist in the relaxation that is crucial for improving sleep quality.

Our herbal Sleep Tea blend is designed to help relax the body and prepare you for sleep. Calming & Slightly Warming. CONTAINS: LICORICE. IN CASE OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, EXCESSIVE CONSUMPTION OF THIS TEA SHOULD BE AVOIDED.

Ingredients: Chamomile, licorice, ginger root, fennel seeds, rosebuds/spearmint, rose hips, lemon grass, tulsi (holy basil) natural orange flavor.

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Pyramid 15 Sachets, 14 Days, 28 Days, 1 oz. Loose Leaf, 3 oz. Loose Leaf, 8 oz. Loose Leaf, 16 oz. Loose Leaf, Single Serve Cups


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