Your Own Tea Business

Start Your Own Tea Business

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We make it possible to start your own private label tea business!

“I can taste the difference”

That’s the number one response we get from our customers. And it will be the number one response you get from yours.

New Private label single serve tea cups.

Expand your own private label business into the exploding single serve cup marketplace.

What is included:

  • Your very own custom designed tea box, with your own brand and logo included.
  • Choose from over 100 flavors of tea (final price depends on the teas you choose).

Build a Successful Home-Based Business

Thank you for your interest in the family-owned Special Tea Company™. You’re on your way to a successful home-based business. How do we know? Because our customers keep telling us how much they love our all-natural, award-winning, health-boosting gourmet teas & spices. In fact, this is the perfect time to start a business like this because tea is already popular...and the market is still growing.

Tea consumption has increased exponentially over the past few years because more people are aware of its incredible health benefits. Just look at what is happening in the marketplace:

  • Local shopping malls are opening tea stores practically every week to meet the demand.
  • Coffee drinkers are switching to tea.
  • Even the most famous coffee stores are expanding their range of flavored and herbal teas.

So more people are drinking tea for not just for the taste, but also for their health. And spices are gaining the same kind of notoriety.

Starting Your Own Business is Easier Than You Think

So with a popular product, starting your own business is easier than you think.
And we make it even easier…and less costly. Here’s how:

Low risk. A large tea company would require you to purchase a minimum of 100 lbs of tea and around 1,000 boxes (about 30,000 tea bags) - for just for one blend! The initial cost? $3,000.

Obviously, these companies don’t want to work with start-ups or small home based businesses.

But we do. With the Special Tea Company™, you can start your own business for very little money. Once your customers sample the outstanding quality of your teas, they’ll ask for more. Then you just order what you need when you need it - you can re-order in quantities of as little as 6 boxes. Plus, there are no franchise fees or subscription fees.

A variety of unique award winning blends. We add a lot of new tea flavors on a regular basis, so you’ll always have their favorite as well as a blend they haven’t tried yet. They’ll keep coming back because you’ll always provide something special.

Customizable boxes: Bring your own brand to life

Make your own brand! Stand out from the rest by customizing your own company logo that we produce on all your tea boxes & spice labels. If you’re not a budding artist, don’t worry. We have an in-house team of professional artists ready to create your unique tea box design. We will create your very own custom designed tea box for just $99.

We do all of the work… So you can spend your time developing your marketplace and enjoying those returning customers. We grind, fill, bag and ship all your items. Plus we email handy updates to keep you informed on trends.

Quick delivery. Delivery is within a couple of days, not weeks or months like other tea companies. This includes customized teas boxes. Our cutting edge technology stores your personalized tea box design directly on our printers for quick and efficient customer service. In most cases, we can start your orders the same day.

Plenty of places to start selling. You don’t have to rely solely on friends and family – you’ll find customers through hotels, real estate agents, mom & pop eateries, tea rooms, gift shops, bed and breakfasts, company functions, weddings, social events, charities, eBay, Amazon and even your own website.

Why not start your own tea parties? Since tea is popular worldwide and the #2 selling beverage in the world, the marketplace is endless.

You can taste the difference. Ultimately, it all comes down to this. Our customers love the taste of our products and appreciate the health benefits.

And so will yours. That’s why they’ll keep coming back over and over

Click here and complete our online form or call at 407 601 4944 Monday – Friday 9 - 5pm EST. Don’t worry; we’ll help you every step of the way.

Why wait?

Get started today and tomorrow hear your customers say, “Yes, we can taste the difference!”

Try the free tea and spice samples in your information pack. Enjoy!

Taste The Difference

You'll taste the difference and so will your customers. Contact us now to get started!

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